Cross-curriculum learning

Art is one of the dimensions of spiritual cultivation, and it is a good medium for expressing the soul. Therefore, at all levels from Primary 1 to Primary 6, the school cooperates with Visual Arts on a topic every school year; Religious knowledge, values and attitudes, and visual arts to develop viewing and expression skills (painting or handicrafts), so that students have a way to calm their minds and understand different cultures in their daily lives. In addition to Visual Arts, the Religion department has also collaborated with other disciplines to design interdisciplinary learning experiences, as shown in the table (dimension):

Grade/Level Cross-over subjects Topic/Activity
  • English & Library
  • Visual Arts

Visit the chapel, the library and pray

Noah’s ark

  • Visual Arts
St. Francis and the Wolf
  • Visual Arts
  • General Studies
  • Visual Arts
Parachute for eggs Angel
  • Visual Arts
Gothic buildings and Holy Cross
  • Chinese
  • Visual Arts
To me after three years Zentangle